Saturday, November 02, 2013

Visiting Reggio Inspired K &1 Class! (Pictures - Part 2)

Just thought I would share more of the pictures that I took from my visit to a K and Grade 1 Reggio inspired class! Enjoy :) 

Love the idea!
Giving trees a voice!
Kindergarten Wall...
Kindergarten Area...
More documentation placed on childrens' eye level
I saw this on pinterest! Good to see it being applied!
Love the look of this art area!
Kindergarten Observation with a special tool that allows them to look closer... I don't remember what it was called.
So neat!
More documentation!
I don't quite remember what this was for... I think they were answering questions and writing their responses.
I love the 'Wonder Wall'! Exactly what I believe is needed in every classroom!
Children exploring and building with natural elements.
Reusing materials!
The kindergarten children created their own books! Love class made books.
Love it!
Very neat! The children learned a lot about dolphins and I learned a lot from them through their documentations.
That's it! Hope you enjoyed the pictures. 

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