Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Practicum Week 9/13 (Recap)

As I am writing this, I am actually almost done week 10! 

Last week was a busy week!  In the beginning of it, I started to get really sick and was trying my best to sleep it off. Could be because Halloween was a busy week and/or it might of been just a culmination of not sleeping well or enough and feeling slightly overworked.  

I have a habit where when I am excited and inspired to do things, I just keep going (where time just flies by quickly!) and I forget to fully rest and sleep.  I took some time off this weekend to just take care of myself (i.e., sleeping!) so I am feeling much better this week.  I slept for almost 10 hours this Monday night!  No regrets!  That's one thing about practicum and it's not a mystery because everyone knows.  It is a lot of work and some days/nights you will have to suffer some beauty sleep!  But it's all worth it.  At least I think so because time goes by quickly! Just remember to take care of yourself and don't forget to treat yourself kindly.  Like allowing yourself to sleep when your body needs it!  I actually missed a day of practicum at the beginning of the school year because I got sick (adjusting to a new school atmosphere).  My SA reminded me that it's important for me to get better quickly so that I do not continue getting sick or get the students sick and that means if I need to take a day off, then I need to do it immediately.  We actually get up to 3 days of sick days during practicum and it's there for a reason.  Make good use of it when you need a mental health day! :) 

We had a fun week last week! Unfortunately, the many pictures that I took have many of the students' faces so I cannot post them here.  We completed all of our Halloween art projects, a Halloween assembly and a Halloween party.  Immediately the next day after Halloween, I started our Remembrance Day mini unit focusing on being peacemakers.  Exciting stuff! 

Here are some pictures and things we did this week: 
We read 'Shake dem Halloween Bones' by W. Nikola-Lisa.  We sang the song in the book!
They really enjoyed the book!
We also made Skeleton Q-Tip people! 
We made sparkly glittery spider webs! They did an amazing job! 
With their Halloween counting book (1-10), they got to stick on Halloween Stickers!
Our Halloween Bulletin Board!  Look at those witches!  That was a big project and they did a fabulous job!
More of the same! :) 
Halloween Parade down the halls! 
Almost everyone in their festive Halloween costumes!  They were all so cute!
A police woman came to visit us to talk about Halloween safety!
My little treat for each of my kinders!
Isn't this such a happy pumpkin?  I love the 'hair' on the side! 
Our Halloween classroom party!  Thanks to all the parents for the food!  Yum!
Crayons for Halloween!
We are the kindergarten teaching team! :) 
Hope everyone is doing well!  See you soon.  

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