Saturday, October 27, 2012

Practicum Week 8/13 (Recap)

It's practicum week 8!  Only 5 more weeks to go and I just cannot believe it.  I think some of the students are catching on that I will be leaving soon.  I had a parent tell me the other day after school that his son is sad that I will be leaving soon.  Aww! I guess the parents must be telling to them about this because I have not made any official announcements to the students yet.

I cannot believe how much happened this week.  First there was a field trip to the pumpkin patch, then student-led conferences, and finally a walkathon!  We made it and everything went really well.  I am thankful for so many parent volunteers which made the experience even more successful.  I have never been on a field trip with lots of parents so it was a good learning experience to learn how to organize a field.  Parents need to know what is expected of them on the day of the field trip so it is important to outline their job.  Their main job is to ensure safety of the children and to model being safe, being kind, and being fair. 

Here is a sample of what I send out to the parents/volunteers.  Feel free to change it and make it your own! 

Click on the picture above for the document.

I am so excited for next week as we will be doing Halloween related activities which will be a lot of fun!  I am also in the middle of planning for the last 3 weeks of my practicum which includes working on unit plans, some lesson plans, and writing most of the report cards.  The report card writing will be a great learning experience for me and I am glad that my SA is very open to having me be in charge with them.  Of course she will be overlooking the whole process.  I will also be participating in a TOC/EOC day sometime in November so that will be exciting!  

Here are some pictures to go over what we did this week:

Laity Farms' Pumpkin Patch in Maple Ridge!
The students find a pumpkin on the ground and are observing the ants crawling around them.
We chanted 'Five Little Pumpkins' while waiting for our tour. 
There was some animals to pet!  They were so cute and shy.
So adorable!  They loved it. 
Peter Rabbit!  I found you!
Look at this beautiful garden!  
We went on a really short hay ride! 
Here we are entering the 'magical forest'.
I love Charlie Brown!
Very magical.  I love Bambie & Thumper!
There were so many 'magical' things to see! They loved this. 
Super cute!
Pumpkin Head Family!
We made it to the pumpkin patch!  Which one to choose?
There were hundreds of pumpkins.  Amazing! 
And more pumpkins! 
Pumpkin prices! 
Baking cookies for the student-led conferences!
Sugar cookies! :)
Student-Led Parent Teacher Conferences!  A Success!
The students did an awesome job showcasing their work and the things they have done in the classroom. 
Our 'Walkathon' raising money for the school! I did not get a chance to take many pictures but here we are at the park after our long walk a total of 33 blocks!  They did an amazing job walking fast and staying together!

We learned how to make a witch!  Will post pictures next week as we are still working on them.  
We made a ghost lantern with our big buddies!  That was a huge success.  They had a lot of fun!
I hung them all around the room!  :)
They sort of look like jelly fishes! 
Then we did some sequencing of the story 'Room on the Broom'.  They did an awesome job!
This lesson and the making of the witch was taken from
Thank you!
Since we have been learning about apples and pumpkins,
we made a venn diagram and sorted things that are different and the same/both.
They did an excellent job with this!
That's all!

Happy Halloween Everyone! :)

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