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Practicum Week 7/13 (Recap)

This is the first week of my 80% for the next four weeks. We started our unit on pumpkins since we will be going to the pumpkin patch on Monday! I am super excited because I have never been to a pumpkin patch so that will be an amazing experience for me too. I know the students will have a blast that's for sure! Next week will be crazy busy and fun! Why? I have the pumpkin patch field trip on Monday, parent-teacher conferences (student-led) on Tuesday and Wednesday, and then we are having a walkathon to raise money for our school on Thursday!

I also went to Grouse Mountain for their free pro-d day event for teachers!  I had so much fun.  Scroll down for pictures!

Here are some of the things that we explored and learned about this week: 
We read 'Pumpkin Circle' by George Leveson.
This is an excellent book to introduce students about pumpkins.
The pictures are amazing and they just loved it!
This poem is so much fun!  We added movements to the poem and then we have the student act out the poem.
We have someone turn off the lights too as a surprise and that is always fun!
We learned about the life cycle of pumpkins.  I taught the students the life cycle using hand signs.

1. Hold thumb and index fingers together forming a circle. (Seed)
2. Make a "V" hand sign with index finger and middle finger. (Sprout)
3. Open all five fingers. (Plant)
4. Open all five fingers and place your other hand horizontally by your elbow. (Flower)
5. Form a circle by having all fingers in each hand touch (like a making a heart) but make it into a circle. (Green Pumpkin)
6. Hold both your arms out forming a circle (or a belly).  (Orange Pumpkin) 
I mentioned briefly about different jack-o'-lantern faces that they can draw on their pumpkin!

We sequenced the life cycle of pumpkins and drew on their faces!
Here were some of the items we used to first figure out what things can float or sink. 
Then before we tested the pumpkin and apple (which we studied in a previous unit),
I asked them 'Do you think a pumpkin will sink or float?' 
They were  so surprised that it did not sink!  That was awesome!
Here we did some pumpkin estimations.  The students had to guess which string was the just right length for the pumpkin's circumference.  Then I revealed which one was 'too short', 'just right', or 'too long'. 
Here are our findings!  
To prepare for our day at the pumpkin patch we read the book 'A Day at the Pumpkin Patch' by Megan Faulkner & Adam Krawesky
We learned the song 'Witches' Brew' by Hap Palmer.  Awesome song!
All the mucky and ucky things in witches' brew. 

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Professional Development!

Grouse Mountain offered a free pro-d day for teachers and that is where I went yesterday.  It was a lot of fun and we had a chance to walk around and explore the area.  It would be really cool to bring the students here as they offer so many programs.  I absolutely love owls and hummingbirds and these two animals are one of the main features.  Too bad we didn't get to see the bears, maybe next time!  Although I did get to see some wolves and they were beautiful and I got to pet an owl.  My SA and I had a great time and I must say the mountain is just spectacular!  I cannot wait for the snow to fall and then it will really be a winter wonderland!

We also met Anne Witmore, a life coach for entrepreneurs with her own website Diva Fish Communications that specializes in communication and leadership skills building at Grouse Mountain.  I actually wanted to meet her about half a year ago when I heard about her through some online leadership building groups on Meetup and so it's pretty neat that I had already heard about her and wanted to attend one of her presentations.  We learned about the DiSC categories and I have to say I definitely learned a lot about myself, my SA, and especially my students.

Thank you Grouse Mountain for the fun day!  I cannot wait for more future visits and hopefully with my students!  My SA is thinking of bringing them during December to see the reindeers!  Hopefully Santa will be there too!

Here are some pictures! Enjoy!

My all day pass with free parking!

They have wood carved animals everywhere which is really neat!  
I bought an owl for my mini owl unit.  It's so cute! 
Bears! I love bears.  We will be studying about bears pretty soon!
I learned that there are two grizzly bears living in Grouse Mountain: Coola and Grinder.
I did not get to see them but apparently they are now preparing for hibernation and almost have gained 200-300 pounds each! Wow!  
I finally met an owl and I got to pet it.  It is so soft and cute. What a beautiful barn owl!
One of our tour guides, Gordon!  He was very knowledgeable and passionate about his work and the forest!
The peaceful forest!
View of the longhouse...covered in fog.  It's a majestic feeling.
The Grandmother Tree is beautiful.
I just love water droplets on leaves and trees.
 I learned some of the different types of plants and trees along our walk.
Apparently, this leaf will help relief bee stings! Something good to know!
A longhouse with a bear and a raven up top to welcome you!
One of the performances you can see inside a longhouse.  We got a short preview and the performer had a great presence!  
Inside 'The Eye of the Wind' but because it is so foggy outside we couldn't see anything... Oh well next time! :)
I am sure it is an amazing and breath taking view!  I can just imagine it!
Here's a screen of what's currently happening at the 'Eye of the Wind' which is located near the top of the windmill.  While we were up there, it was shaky and you can feel it turn! 
The Eye of the Wind!  Too bad it was really foggy to see and capture. 
Coming back down from 'The Eye of the Wind' into the fog. 
View of Vancouver! :)

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