Friday, October 12, 2012

Practicum Week 6/13 (Recap)

I am excited to begin teaching 80% next week but there does not seem to be enough time to do all that I would love to teach!  I am so impressed with all the Fall work the kinders have done in class so far.  

We went on a short leaf hunt, we made leaf rubbings, we sorted our leaves, we learned the poem 'Five Little Pumpkins!' and etc...  In between, we also had visitors show us how to wash our hands and I had a chance to individually conference with each student for our student led conferences the following week1

I am eager to learn about how to do an IEP next Monday and start on our pumpkin unit.   My goal next week is to be able to keep up with the routines and to give them more play time (i.e., centres time) to students.  One thing I hope to work on is to have all my unit plans for the rest of my 80% completed and planned ahead.  Indeed I will be working on them this weekend as well!

Here are some pictures to recap the week!

We made a 'We are thankful for...' book!
Here are some of the things the students drew for what they are thankful for!
They are so cute!  I love the colours and details!
We made fall trees!  They were all so creative! And they made suns with their Big Buddies!

We also went for a leaf hunt!  It was a lot of fun.  The day before the leaf hunt, we brainstormed ideas of how we can be safe when leaving the school grounds.  Here is our quick 3 step safety instruction.  They cannot read entirely so drawing pictures and asking them to repeat the rules definitely help because they did a wonderful job being safe the next day!

Here is an anchor chart of how we should be doing our 'leaf observation' work. 
Look at these superstars!  They really did an amazing job! 
On another day, the students brought in leaves from their own neighbourhood and they had a chance to sort their leaves into different colours and sizes.  Next time, I will make the graph longer and clearer so that they can see clearly which have the most and which have the least. 
So many different leaves in our community!
Then with all the leaves that they brought in, we made leaf rubbings!  Super easy and fun!

My teacher sample... have to set the expectations!
Beautiful!  I love all the colours and the variety of leaves.  They did a wonderful job!
We also had student nurses come into our classroom to teach us about washing our hands and germs!

Students are colouring and decorating their germs! 
A squirt of glow in the dark paint (as germs!) but they don't know about this. :)  
Rub a dub and see the germs under the UV light! 
Then wash wash wash... singing 'ABC' and scrub scrub scrub clean!
That's it!  Have a great weekend! 

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