Friday, October 05, 2012

Practicum Week 4/13 (Recap)

Week 4 flew by really quickly!  I am now prepping for week 6 and am just realizing how quickly things are moving!  I forgot to blog about Week 4... so here it is!
I recalled getting sick and thus missed a day of practicum, which was luckily a Pro-D. I was completely knocked out for 3 days.  I realize that as a teacher you have to think about others and even if you feel like you can make it through the day (being sick!) you may pass it on to others, to students, and continue getting sick.  It's really up to your professional judgment but you have to take care of yourself!  My SA was really helpful in reminding me to take care of myself.  It was good advice because I recovered quickly right after.

We did many things in week 4 as we were continuing on with our Apple Unit.

The kinders learned what foods were made out of apples, making apple stained glass artwork with their big buddies, learning about the uniqueness of apples, making apple sauce, learning the poem 'Five Red Apples', and completing their own apple seed counting book.  We did quite a bit and they sure have great stamina!

Here are some photos for an update!

This is a cute poem!  First we learned the poem through rote.
Then I added the poster below with velcro movable apples.  Then we acted out the poem! :)   

We made stained glass apples with our big buddies!!! They look so cute hanging around the classroom! 
Step by step for how to make a stained glass apple!

We had a day where everyone brought in an apple!  We talked about the uniqueness of each apple, then I had parents come in and peel all the apples and talk about the sameness of all apples in the inside!  The kinders were very witty!
Then we related it to human beings!
I found the perfect book to go along with my 'unique apples' lesson!   This is a great book which talks about people being different on the outside but inside our all the same (i.e., having a heart). 
We also sorted and brainstorms which food were made out of apples.
 Then I got the kinders to individually sort on their own.
I made the shape of the day for my SA!
I found it for free from which is a great resource!  I forgot who I got it from.  Sorry!
I took all the apples they brought to class that day and made apple sauce!  Super simple!
Just add water and apple pieces and cook!  The smaller the pieces, the better!
I got the kinders to help me cut the apple pieces!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Professional Development!

Visiting Science World for free on September 27, 2012!  Free for student teachers, programmers and of course teachers!  This event occurs every year and it is a great chance to check out what Science World has in store!  Last year I went with my other cohort and I must say it brought back a lot of nostalgia.  I didn't take many photos...  I really like the Imax movie they played this year.  It is all about polar bears and arctic animals.  Very cute!

I love this quote! :) 
That's it for now! So much fun! :) 

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