Friday, September 07, 2012

Practicum Week 1/13 (Recap)

This week has been busy week as new kindergarteners are transitioning into full-day k!  I am officially teaching 22 adorable and witty kinders who all have their own personalities.  We are still doing teaching in separate groups (A,B) which is great for me to get to know the students a bit more.

Practicum week one has gone by fast!  A lot of time was spent lifting, moving, and carrying boxes for my SA who had over 50 boxes (of her 15 years of teaching resources) to go through.  It's amazing how much she has accumulated and all the different grades she has taught!  We also did a lot of prepping in the classroom and getting organized in general which made me realize how much work preparation is put into kindergarten teaching.  I'm learning a lot from my SA and I'm excited for week two!

This weekend I made a centers chart that was inspired by the lead teacher in my practicum school!  What an awesome idea!  Like they say, if it isn’t broken then don't fix it!  Seriously, awesome ideas need to be celebrated and shared! So thank you to that teacher! :)

This center's chart is laminated and has the various centers along with stickers that indicate how many people are allowed per a center.  All clip arts were found on and I do not take credits for them.

This week I read "Miss Bindergarten Goes to Kindergarten" and the kids were highly engaged!  I recommend reading this book for the first week of school as it is full of fun and wacky pictures!

Routines, routines, and routines!  That's what we're working on for this week! :)

On the last day of the first week of practicum, I came home to a lovely surprise! On my doorstep was a beautiful bouquet of flowers and roses! Thank you for that special someone for the kind words and gracious encouragements.  

Until next week! 

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