Saturday, June 04, 2011

Volunteering in a Kindergarten & Grade 4 class!

So I have been working with kindergarten kids and they are so lovely!

There's this little girl name Chantilly and she's so funny! She's so confidant and the other day she goes... "I'm so beautiful. Don't you think so? I'm just so beautiful!" Like how cute is that?! And last time I saw her she had like a little juicy couture purse and nice dress, heels, princess crown and she compliments on my makeup and clothes all the time! ahah so cute... what a little fashionista already!

Then there's this other little girl named Hannah and she was telling me that she felt really sad one time and didn't want to do work. Little kids are so honest so I told her that she needs to turn on her lightbulb so that her brain would start working and you know little kids they kinda believe everything you say and so it worked and she finished her work. I also told her that it's okay if she's sad but that now it's time to focus on work and not be sad.

Now all the little kids in the class except for a few are like I feel so close and comfortable with me... they're so funny and sweet! They call me Miss Donna! Miss Donna! Miss Donna!

Then there's a little boy named Phillip and he always wants to read and show me his work! He's so funny! Everyone has such different personalities...

One little boy named Colin kinda complains a lot about everything.. how kids don't like him and he's going to be interesting to handle in higher grade levels.. very emotional kinda little guy with a runny nose but he's so cute in class! He makes me laugh sometimes and I try to tell him to focus on his work and not be distracted!

And then there's this little guy name Ethan and he can't seem to stop interrupting the teacher and classmates (well in comparison to the entire class) and yeah he's pretty much at time out almost every time that I am volunteering but he's a sweet little guy. He does need to learn how to control himself but I'm sure as he gets older he'll be able to handle it better! He kinda thinks saying "Sorry" will solve everything...oh how cute they are!

I love how kindergarteners are so honest and they really do not hide their emotions. They share their emotions and what's on their mind from each second to second. One moment they might be frustrated about something and then next they are happy! It's intriguing and super cute! I love how they are always curious learners and want to share their knowledge!  The kids really do help each other as I see sometimes that they are reminding their classmates to share, take turns and listen to their teacher.

Later that day I was then in a grade 4 class and the teacher wanted me to tell them what I had been up to. I told them that i wanted to be a teacher and that I had just recently got into the education program. They asked if i would teach at their school and I said I really really hope so and they cheered! They're so sweet! That was really nice of them! At that moment I felt wow maybe I am really meant to do this. It felt nice! I love all the kids in that classroom! They are all so kind. We were learning a bit about empathy that day and well kids need to learn what that means as that's a really important concept!

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