Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I can be anything!

Awww thank you Gina! I love the title of this book!

LOL! So cuteee!

Awww I love Kindergarten students! They are so sweet! Thank you for the sweets too!

Ms. Elise wrote this for me! 

I am so gonna miss helping out in Gina's class (aka Ms. Wong) as her kids are so lovely, sweet and cute!  This book is awesome and I can't wait to bring it to my schools in the future.  I learnt so much this year and I honestly couldn't of done it without the help and mentor of Ms. Wong.  Thank so much!!! Awww... I am going to list the names of all the kids so that I can remember in the future what their names are: Chantilly, Elise, Cindy, Lucy, Hannah, Savina, Daron, Jean, Ethan, Jayden, Phillip, Colin, Mateo, Hussain, Misha, Nathaniel.  I might of missed one or two but I love them all!

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